Glenn Goodrich - Found/CEO of; Licensed Property Tax Consultant (#10867)

Glenn Goodrich

Co-Founder/CEO of; Licensed Property Tax Consultant (#10867)

I architected the algorithms and reports behind based on my real-life experience working cases through the property tax protest process. I strive to continually improve based on feedback both from homeowners who use our products and from my own portfolio of business as tax agent.

Beyond helping people succeed at protesting their property tax value, I focus on educating the public on an array of other topics that impact their tax bill (such as exemptions and tax rates). My goal is to raise awareness of how property tax impacts every taxpayer, especially with the rapid economic growth Texas is experiencing.

More of the public needs to be engaged in the process to ensure our tax system holds true to the principles that make Texas so attractive for business. The goal of my company is be a leading advocate for taxpayers ensuring our government is financed properly and smartly to best serve its constitutions.

Blog Posts Written by Glenn Goodrich

Do you qualify for a one - year special exemption for damages to your property due to the February 2021 Texas Winter Storm?

Published: 2021-03-02 The Texas winter storm in Feburary of 2021 created a lot of property damage. Some homeowners may benefit from a a new "temporary" exemption designed to offer tax relief during a natural disaster. This article describes how you can qualify for this exemption and how to apply. Read More